Miyamoto Risaburō



The Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum in Kyoto and the Museum of Fine Arts in Tokyo hold many of the artist's works in their collections.

Miyamoto Risaburō belongs to Takamura Kōun's school of sculpture art.

Initially, Miyamoto Risaburō began his artistic career by sculpting Buddhist figures for famous temples in Tokyo and exhibited at the Japan Art Academy on several occasions.

The highly distinguished sculptor Hiragushi Denchū (1872-1979, who was appointed an imperial craftsman in 1944 and taught at the University of Fine Arts in Tokyo) has collected numerous works by Miyamoto Risaburō which are now kept in the Hiragushi Denchū museum.

His works are present in the book :

"A study of modern Japanese sculpture", published by the Henry Moore Foundation, 2015