• Sold

  • Size

    12 x 7,5 (h) cm

  • Period

    Karatsu, 17th century

  • Box

    Old box with inscription

  • Published
    "Les Flammes" exhibition catalog

  • Exhibited

    Exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris for "Les Flammes" exhibition (15 october 2021- 6 february 2022)


Kintsugi Tea bowl

Golden seams, borrowed patches, and metal rivets. - These were basically the techniques generations of Japanese artisans treated all sorts of ceramic damages with. This tea bowl here looks like a master’s show piece – or let’s say show-off piece, an object truly suitable for demonstrating his ability to treat a broken piece of pottery and turn damage into value. 

 Mending probably 18th century

Karatsu Ceramics is a style of ceramics produced in the vicinity of Karatsu in Saga Prefecture, Japan.
Karatsu sandstones were produced primarily between 1597 and the 1630s.