Wajima vase



Bamboo, black lacquer, mother-of-pearl work
By Shimano Sanshū (1877-1965)
D.14cm; H.31cm (with the cover)
Taishō-early Showa
Tomobako signed : Lacquer with plum flower design vase (蒔絵 梅花文花瓶), Sanshūken (三秋軒)

A cylindrical vase with black lacquer and mother-of-pearl work. The artist has lacquered a bamboo vase inside and outside carefully to make a perfect cylindrical form, and so it is difficult to realize that it consists of a bamboo. The design of plum flowers and lines were made with mother-of-pearl work which makes this piece gorgeous. General atmosphere is humble but the technique of finishing is excellent.

Shimano Sanshū was a lacquer artist born in Kanazawa in the Meiji period. He studied the lacquer work under the famous professors of the time and learned the traditional Japanese painting from Kishinami Ryūkei (a distinguished painter of Nanga, died in 1935). He won a prize in the Chicago World Exposition when he was 21 years old. Afterward he got prizes in the several World Exposition of Paris, Belgium and New York. He was reputed to be a master of lacquer of the time.