Box for personal accessories with design of plum tree and rabbit inside the cover
Wood, silver and gold maki-e
Edo period, Bakumatsu (1853-1868)
29 x 24 x 15(h) cm

A big plum tree in bloom is lacquered with gold taka-makie on the black lacquer. On the backside of the cover, the flowers of autumn and winter, two rabbits and a bird are lacquered with gold hira-makie.
The tree spreads out its branches in all directions and reaches all sides of the box. It is painted freely and powerfully and it reminds us of the paintings of the Rimpa School. By putting black lacquer in the background, it gives the viewers an impression as if they are viewing the flowers by night. The faint gold lacquer is sprinkled around the tree and it seems that the fragrance of plum flowers is in the air.
Surrounded by the flowers, the two rabbits inside of the cover look very active, like they are waiting for spring and ready to jump. And the bird looks as if it is ready to sing a happy spring song. This is an emotional piece expressing several seasons.