Okimono called “Existence”
By YONEZAWA Jirō 米沢二郎 (b. 1956)
11 cm x 12 cm x 63(h) cm

“Sonzai” is an ingenious abstract sculpture of interwoven bamboo skins, without beginning, without end.

YONEZAWA Jirō was born and trained in Oita Prefecture, the heart of bamboo production on Kyushu. In 1989 he moved with his American wife to Portland, Oregon, where he lived and worked for the following eighteen years. His time in Portland exposed to Yonezawa American crafts, all which significantly continued to affect his work, even effective his return to Kyushu in 2007.
Yonezawa does not hesitate to integrate unorthodox material like styrofoam and steel wire in his art in order to accomplish achieve the shapes and he has forms in mind. His works show great diversity in size, ranging from 12 inches to 7 feet tall.

1991 Jurors’ Award of Recognition, Basketry > From All Directions, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Gatlinburg, TN
1993 Excellence in Craftsmanship, Ninth Celebration of the Arts, Arts Council in Oregon, Salem, OR
1993 Excellence in Craftsmanship, Content / Container, Textile Arts Center, Chicago, IL
1993 WESAF / NEA Regional Fellowship alternate
1993 Excellence in Craftsmanship, The Pacific Northwest Contemporary Basketry Exhibit ’91, Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA

Selected Collections
American Craft Museum, New York, NY
Bellevue Art Museum, Washington
California Crafts Museum, San Francisco, California
Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Art, Racine, Wisconsin
City of Portland, Oregon
The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii
Corvallis Art Center, Oregon
Craft Alliance, St. Louis, Missouri
Long House Reserve, East Hampton, New York
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington
The Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina
Portland Art Museum, Oregon
Museum Springfield, Oregon