Okimono Nezumi suribachi


Mouse in the earthenware mortar
Dated: Taisho 8 (1919)
Signed: Jyoun kizamu (carved by Jyoun)
H: 8cm, D: 15cm, L: 16.2
Tomobako, original box with artist signature
The former owner wrote on the box “kashibachi” (bowl for sweets)

Wonderful wooden okimono in a shape of the earthenware mortar and a mouth. The mortar is cracked in places, but they are carved. The artist realized a ceramic mortar made in hand with reality.
In Japan, mouse is a symbol of prosperity and fertility because its propagative power is strong.
The boxwood is known that is difficult to carve because of its consistency. It is not lacquered and the patina is incredible. It means that it was polished with clothe, for long time till to feel smooth. The signature Jyoun is anonymous, but there is no doubt that this is a masterpiece.