Negoro Jikirō



Food container
Peach-shaped wooden Negoro ware
Japan, Momoyama period (1573-1603), 16th century
H. 5.1 in (13cm) – W. 14.2 in (36cm) – L. 13 in (33cm)

Jikirō was generally used to put food on, and it was used to serve the sweets in the tea ceremony. This container is made of wood, and has a gorgeous Negoro ware lacquer. The peach shape is perfectly proportioned, and the random patterns revealed after many years of use give it the appearance of an abstract painting. Its patina and condition show how carefully it was taken care of. Its rare shape and the exquisite quality of its lacquer justify designating this work as a masterpiece in the corpus of Negoro objects.
Exhibited and published in “Negoro: Efflorescence of Medieval Japanese Lacquerware”, Miho Museum, Japan, 2013 (n°290, page 257)