Ko-Bizen botamochi tōban


Kiln plate
Bizen ware, with a certificate from the Bizen Tōyūkai Committee
Japan, Momoyama period (1573-1603)
H. 2.3 in (6cm) – L. 21 ¾ in (55.2cm) – W. 22.1 in (56.2cm)

Tōban is a plate on which small things like vessels were placed during firing in the kiln. The circle designs on the plate are the traces of the vessels after firing. It is called botamochi (literally “rice cake”). This dim design is so much loved because it has a simple beauty which it owes to accident.

Translation of the statement of expert opinion by the Bizen Tōyūkai Committee:

Ko-Bizen (old Bizen) botamochi ceramic plate made in the Momoyama period
Hight: 6.0cm; Vertical length: 55.2cm; Width: 56.2cm
No kiln mark
Heisei 20 (2008), 7th February
Okayama Prefecture, Bizen Tōyūkai Committee