Hanakago Tantansai gonomi



Bamboo vase for ikebana
By YOKOTA Hōsai (1899-1975)
Diameter: 27.5 cm – High: 22 cm
Awasebako (collector box) and otoshi
ca. 1930-1950

Tantansai was the alternative name gave to Sekiso Soshitsu (Mugensai) (1893-1964) by a member of the aristocratic Kujo family. He was until his dead the 14th head of the Urasenke tea school. This basket is named “Tantansai gonomi“, which means “liked by Tantansai

Yokota Hōsai also known as Yokota Minesai was a student of Iizuka Rokansai (1890-1958), one the most important artists of the 20th century for bamboo art. Hōsai shares his master’s exceptionnal ability to balance classical and novel techniques and forms. His work was accepted into more than twenty national exhibitions. He traveled abroad and engaged with European modernism.