Wall basket for ikebana
Lacquered bamboo madake
by TANABE Takeo Shouchiku III (b. 1973)
With tomobako and lacquered bamboo otoshi
L : 48 cm – H : 17 cm

This basket is called “Mononofu” which means “samurai

TANABE Takeo Shouchiku III is the son of Chikuunsai III and the future Chikuunsai IV. Heir to a long dynasty of master weavers, he began to learn the art of bamboo from his young age. He studied fine arts at the Osaka City Crafts High School and graduated in sculpture from the Tokyo Art University, and continued his training in Beppu (Oita Pref.), then he joined the family studio in Sakai where he honed his training with his father. Since 1999, he has won numerous awards: Rookie award, New Comer Exhibition in Sakai City ; Labor Ministry award, All japan Technical Exhibition ; Sakai Mayor Award, Sakai Art Exhibition ; Yumiuri Television, All Kansai Art Exhibition ; First Prize Osaka Craft Exhibition, Kasaku award ; Lloyd Cotsen Bamboo Prize (2007) and The Bavarian State Prize (2010). His works are present in the following public collections in the USA, Philadelphia Museum of Art ; Seattle Museum of Art ; Long Beach Museum of Art ; San Francisco Asian Art Museum ; The Ruth and Sherman Lee Institute for Japanese Art, Clark Center, Hanford, California ; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston ; British Museum, London ; Museo Nacional de Arte de Bolivia, La Paz ; and in many private collections in the world.