37. Hanakago



Basket for ikebana
Lacquered bamboo
Suemura Shobun (1917-2000)
31 x 31.5 x 13 cm, tomobako

Suemura Shobun was born in Osaka in 1917. He learned the art of basketry from Yamamoto Shoen (Chikuryƫsai I). In 1951, one of his works was accepted by the Nitten national art exhibition. He was exhibited at this prestigious event twenty-six times, and a dozen times, from 1962, at the Japan Modern Craft Exhibition. Several of his works are in the Cotsen collection in the United States.

This shovel-shaped basket for collecting leaves is associated with autumn. The Japanese have always paid great respect to the seasons, and this bamboo basket for the art of ikebana was probably used during the fall months and stored for the rest of the year in its original box.