Hanakago Ta-uta



Bamboo basket for ikebana called Ta-uta
IIZUKA Shokansai (1919-2004)
H. : 36.5 cm – Ø.: 20 cm, otoshi and tomobako

Ta-uta is a popular song for rice planting. IIZUKA Shokansai, born Shigetoshi, was the son of the celebrated artist Rokansai. After his graduation from the University of Fine Arts of Tokyo, he became his father’s disciple. In 1947, he received his first award at the Nitten, and in 1954 he won the first prize. While he excelled in traditional techniques, he nevertheless also created his own style and his own techniques. In 1982, he became the second bamboo artist to be designated a Living National Treasure. He passed away on 4 September 2004.